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“I first went to Marco with a persistent pain in my shoulder, and a skin reaction. With his help, through herbs and treatment, my skin cleared up and my pain was significantly reduced. 

Marco takes the time to understand you and what your symptoms are. His treatments are very therapeutic and the environment is so welcoming and calming. I recommend him to all of my friends seeking relief in one way or another”


-Erika A.


“Marco is an amazing Acupuncturist, Medicine maker and overall healer. His knowledge of herbs and ways to nourish the body, mind and soul are vast and diverse. I have had monthly appointments with Marco for over a year and only can rave about how I feel during and after my appointments. I always feel rested, relaxed and recharged physically, mentally and energetically. I have learned so much about herbs, energy and myself during my appointments. His herbal medicines work effectively and quickly created specifically for each individual, they pair wonderfully with the acupuncture. I highly recommend visiting Marco for the best TCM and Acupuncture experience.”


-K. C.



“Over a period of two years my wife, son, and I all greatly benefitted from Dr. Leclerc’s expertise in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. He was very professional and conducted thorough examinations and followed up with questions about how we were doing between appointments. He was flexible in adjusting his needling techniques to accommodate our individual sensitivities. Dr. Leclerc was always punctual and provided sensitive and caring

treatments. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an acupuncturist and

practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine.”


-R. Luther


Marco is an incredibly gifted healer who is very in tune with how to help his patients the most. I received treatments regularly from Marco over many years because he helped me to feel balanced and release any blockages that I had. I would recommend his acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to anyone facing any ailments, or anyone just looking to be their best self. 


-Michael J.


“Marco Leclerc was my acupuncturist over a three or four year period. He helped me tremendously with a few different conditions.  It was always my experience that Marco was quite gifted in listening, asking the right  questions and then carrying out a treatment that worked. I had struggled with dryness and what felt like a tightening in my throat. I trusted Marco to treat this sensitive area and I did experience relief. Marco is a kind and sensitive practitioner. You will be pleased with the treatments you receive.”


-Stephanie S.





“I met Marco over 5 years ago.  I was overweight and  overtrained my achilles.   It was chronic pain.  Nothing helped.  PT, medications, rest, nothing work.   I thought I would try acupuncture and was lucky enough to find Marco  locally.  He not only did acupuncture, but many other treatments in combination to get rid of the stagnant scar tissue.  I really like how Marco infuses many treatment practices to come up with a solution.  I have used Marco for acupuncture, friction massage, stim, aroma therapy and herbal medicine and highly recommend giving him a shot for whatever chronic illness or issue you may have.”


-Glen J.


“I reached out to Marco in the spring of 2019 after I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a facial

paralysis with a wide variety of heal times. 

I was scared and trying not to be too depressed about it. I had never been to see an acupuncturist so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. But he quickly put me at ease and answered all my…welp many questions. 

Marco took me under his wing and helped heal me week by week until I could close my eye and move my face again. I remained under his care for years after that. 

His attention to detail and caring nature is genuinely comforting. Marco is completely nonjudgmental and takes time to listen to you before and during the treatment. His attention to detail and unrelenting passion for his craft is mesmerizing. He lives, eats, sleeps and breathes being an acupuncturist. 

I have learned so much from him, from nutrition tips and chinese herbal medicines, to gentle movements and lifestyle changes. He helped me to become a more healthy and self aware person and for that I am forever grateful to him.”


-April G.


“From digestion to stress, nerves and muscles aches and pains, Marco really brings his knowledge to provide a focused experience and treatment. He provides amazing results helping me to feel more myself in my day to day, keeping the daily stress that comes with life and work at a minimum! For anyone looking to improve their quality of life, I highly recommend Marco.” 


-Kim G.


“Marco is a very nice person and he is very honest with his work he gives very good treatment he knows his work . I have with him for the last 5 to 6 years and he helped me alot to reduce my stress and pain in my back and shoulders he is really good and a proper attention to his customers besides treatment he is nice person he treats everyone with respect.”


Mashhood R.

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